My mission is pretty simple. I want to make people laugh and remind them not to take life too seriously. My t-shirts give them a way to wear their attitude, or humor, or show off what they love. I’m a perpetual optimist and I believe you have a have a good, sometimes snarky sense of humor to get through life.

Suzy Swede is in the business of mellow vibes and tasteful sarcasm. My boutique is a one-stop shop for quirky graphic tees, spunky women’s apparel, and upbeat gifts like mugs and tote bags, and it’s all designed and made by yours truly, in Weeping Water, Nebraska, near the belly button of the USA. With sales in all 50 states and 14 countries, it’s exciting to know that people all across the world are sporting my products.

My best design ideas stem from ordinary life — those simple moments that nestle into your memory before you realize their significance. Take my best-selling Happy Camper tee, for instance. The idea fluttered in as I reflected on my life and the happiness it holds. As a 40-something entrepreneur, trust me when I say good things are out there. The not-so-happy moments pass and life does get better. Let my Sh*t Creek Survivor tee, which I designed to celebrate the end of a grueling divorce, serve as a testament to that. It’s like writer Elbert Hubbard said: “Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive.”

That’s me!

When I’m not creating, I’m hanging out with my sweet 12-year-old daughter, Treva, the love of my life, Jon, and our many kitties and chickens. And yes, it’s OK if you call me the Crazy Cat/Chicken Lady — you won’t be the first. Jon and I have remodeled our 1875 farmhouse into a cozy oasis, and spend a LOT of time in the kitchen (If you haven’t tried Jon’s ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls, you haven’t lived). Lovers of the great outdoors, we’re also on the hunt for a far-out camper to replace our last one that was just too-far-gone. We also love to hit the flea markets, vintage markets, and antique shops, and there’s always some half-finished project on the porch or out in the woodshop. We love decorating our farmhouse with repurposed furniture and decorating with vintage signs, rusty relics and antiques.

So if you want to find me, I’ll likely be sequestered in my “creative cabin” listening to some good red-dirt and Americana tunes (or blues on Blues Friday), a fluffball or feathered-friend in my lap, letting the design juices flow — A.K.A. my happy place.