My mission is to spark a smile in the people who wear my tees and in the people who see them. I’m a perpetual optimist, and I believe you have to have a snarky sense of humor to fully enjoy this life. So why not wear that humor, that attitude? ~ Suzy

Hi, I’m Suzy.  I’m a freckle-faced  introvert with a penchant for bad puns. I live on acreage in southeast Nebraska with my super handy husband Jon, a brilliant, temperamental teenage daughter, pampered chickens, and spoiled cats.  I’m obsessed with coffee, tacos, and red dirt music. I have a ridiculous addiction to old junk, genealogy, and fiction.



Suzy Swede owner Suzanne Oliver started her online graphic tee business as a part-time "for fun" gig on Etsy. Within 18 months, after sales in all 50 states and 14 countries, it turned into a full-time business, complete with its own "creative cabin studio" next to the family's farmhouse in Weeping Water, Nebraska. She sold her local sign and screen printing business, built a new website, and went to work crafting super soft vintage style t-shirts for people all across the country.

My inspiration comes right out of the beauty of everyday life, those simple moments that make you feel grateful. Take for instance my best-selling “Happy Camper” tee. After spending a great day at a local junkin’ show with my daughter Treva and the love of my life, Jon, I took a moment on our back porch and let it all sink in. Our chickens and kittens were running around the yard and Jon was inside baking his signature gooey cinnamon rolls, and in that moment I was a happy camper. So, over the next few days, I designed a t-shirt that would remind us to say a little thank you for the good things in our lives.

All of the tee shirts and women’s apparel are printed and packaged by yours truly, in my “creative cabin” right next to our renovated farmhouse in Weeping Water, Nebraska. I like it this way. Maybe it stems from my love of repurposing furniture, but printing your orders by hand gives me a chance to send a little inspiration when I ship it out, especially when I get an order for my “Shit Creek Survivor” tee. I’ve been there, sister. You’ll get through it.

Even though our porch is full of half-finished projects, vintage signs, and antiques, you can always find me in my creative cabin, thinking up new designs that will brighten your day. So when you do get your new t-shirt, know that it came from me to you while I was jamming out to some red-dirt tunes ready to send a little love your way.

 PS. I just bought a cured ham. I wonder it had? 

If anyone asks, we're a perfectly normal family